Voice Recording

A unique Voice Brand sets you apart in a crowded marketplace. GM Voices offers talented female and male voice actors in all sounds and styles in any language.

Voice talent quality, production and editing excellence, expert account management—trust GM Voices as your one-source provider for voice recordings for any project.

How to Choose a Voice Talent

An overview of GM Voices expertise with voice prompts for different speech technologies.
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Economical Prices, Next-Day Turnarounds: Weekly Recording Sessions

Our Preferred Voice Talents (professionally trained voice actors) record on the same day every week during our pre-scheduled weekly sessions.
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Voice Prompts and Voice Talent

An overview of GM Voices expertise with voice prompts for different speech technologies.
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Voice-Overs for IVR and Telephony

Increase self-service and caller containment with a professional sound.
» Enhance Your Customer Experience!

Voice-Overs for E-Learning Content

Delivering engaging E-Learning audio in all formats for any content type.
» Better Train Your Talent!

Voices for Mobile Apps

Enhance the usability of your mobile app with clear, natural-sounding voice files!
» Enhance Your App with Professional Voice!

Voices for GPS and Telematics

GM Voices is the sound of a new driver era. Check out our voices for GPS.
» Improve Your In-Car Experience!

Free Asterisk Voice Prompt Sets

Download a FREE set of Asterisk replacement prompts.
» Give Your Asterisk App a Custom Voice Brand!

On-Hold Messaging

GM Voices’ on-hold messaging captures your customers’ attention so you can sell to a captive calling audience. Use our voices to help you with the up sell.
» Engage Your Captive Audience!

Voices for Auto Attendant

A GM Voices auto attendant greets and guides your customers with a brand-consistent voice.
» Greet Callers with a Friendly Voice!

Professional Voicemail Messaging

GM Voices helps companies round out a single-voice customer experience with professional, prerecorded voicemail messages.
» Make Sure Your Personal Greetings Sound Great!

Professional Voice Actors

GM Voices offers hundreds of skilled voice actors in over 100 languages and dialects.
» Leave Your Voice Brand to a Trained Professional!

Voice Vocabularies Save You Money

GM Voices’ extensive vocabularies of natural-sounding voice components represent the gold standard in voice production.
» Establish a Professional Sound with Your Base Prompts!

VisionClips Close Deals

GM Voices’ VisionClips are creative audio skits that demonstrate various business needs and solutions.
» Demonstrate the Perfect IVR Solution!