Persona Development/Voice Branding

Our voice personas add depth, warmth, and personality to automated voice greetings, making transactions feel more like conversations.

The telephone is your company’s “front door” and one of its most important customer touchpoints. So, shouldn’t you have a professional, natural-sounding Voice Brand to greet and guide your callers? With brand-centric, ready-to-load voice files from GM Voices, you’ll notice an improvement in caller comprehension and containment, error recovery, and customer satisfaction. Finally, you’ll engage your audience with a voice they can appreciate!

Persona Development

It’s more than just a voice talent in the studio. We’ll create a character to articulate your company’s most positive attributes and build your brand identity.
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Voice Brand Audits

GM Voices helps bridge the gap between the marketing and information technology teams so that companies can create and maintain a consistent Voice Brand throughout the enterprise, reinforcing the brand identity at every customer touch point.
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What Is A Voice Brand?

Your “brand” is built one contact at time. Your “Voice Brand” is built one phone call at a time. Voice Branding specialists, GM Voices helps companies interact with customers with a friendly, brand-centric sound.
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We Wrote The Book!

Since it was published in 2005, Voice Branding in America has become the quintessential guide for making automated voices consistent with your brand.
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