Video Dubbing Services

Localize Your Video for Seamless Viewing

If you’re production was a hit at home, you may be considering taking it to an international audience. Localizing a video can be tricky, however; few companies are equipped to handle the translation, pacing and editing, let alone find a talented voice actor in the target language.

Luckily, GM Voices worldwide network of translators, voice actors and video production professionals provide a one-stop shop for your localization needs. Because every production is different, GM Voices offers multiple dubbing styles to ensure your message makes an impact in international markets.

Voice over Style Dubbing

Our most economical option, “voice over style” (a.k.a. UN style dubbing) overdubs the new language with the original. As the primary language starts the video, the volume is lowered and the translated audio is played at the fore. The recording time of the new language is synced to match the duration of the original audio.

This is the type you’d likely see on the news – one person speaks and a narrator in another language speaks or interprets the message. This is also widely used for training films, instructional videos and other corporate materials.

» Download a Voice over Style Dubbing Sample

Phrase Sync Dubbing

This style matches the original and translated audio by phrase. The new language will accurately correspond to the subject matter and timing of the original audio, though not to the specific word and lip movement of the speaker. The original audio is completely replaced by the translated version with this option.

» Download a Phrase Sync Dubbing Sample

Lip Sync Dubbing

The most precise and intricate of all dubbing styles, lip sync dubbing involves adjusting the translated script so it can be matched not only to the original audio, but even the movement of the speaker’s lips. The result is a surprisingly natural match of the original presentation. The speaker appears to speaking the new language with lip sync style.

» Download a Lip Sync Dubbing Sample

“We had a video deposition that was recorded in Balinese, but wanted to use English speaking actors for the narration. It was important to capture the full emotional impact of the witnesses in a way the jury could understand and relate to. GM Voices cast the perfect actors for overdubbing and, we feel, helped win the case.”