Subtitling and Audio Transcription/Translation

GM Voices works with translators that specialize in script writing, as well as subtitling professionals, to translate your project into a culturally appropriate experience.

Audio Transcription and Translation

For both Spanish and French, we offer three different translation and transcription choices:

GM Voices helps you extend the life cycle of your production with video subtitling and translation for any language.

1. Interpreted Transcription

Original-language audio files are directly interpreted by a professional translator from the original source language into the target language without the use of an initial single-language transcript.

Our interpreted transcription service works much more like the way real time verbal communications are translated. In real-time interpreting, a speaker in the source language talks and interpreter listens and immediately interprets the speaker’s words into the target language. The results may be slightly less accurate than traditional translation, but it is also much faster, less expensive and more efficient.

2. Transcription and Translation

The audio file is initially transcribed from the original audio file into a transcript in the same language, and then that source-language written transcript is translated by a professional translator. The client receives two scripts with each order: the source-language transcript and the translated target-language transcript. This approach delivers the most accurate results, but it is slower and more expensive as a result.

3. Spanish to Spanish or French to French Transcription

This service converts your original Spanish- or French-language audio file into a written transcript in the same language. Customers receive only the one document in the original language provided (no English).


Subtitles are used to translate dialog from a foreign language to the native language of the audience. Compared with overdubbing, it’s the quickest and most inexpensive method of translating content. This also allows the audience to hear the original dialog and voices of the actors.

Translation of subtitling is different from written text. In fact, some cultures use subtitles artistically, utilizing different fonts and colors.

Typically, the audio is transcribed sentence by sentence and the meaning is interpreted. This ensures that the message is effectively localized. It may be also necessary to condense words in order to achieve an acceptable reading speed.

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