Call Flow Scripting/VUI Design

Complex or Simple, There’s No Reason to Sweat Because GM Voices Can Help!

Can we offer you some helpful advice? Voice User Interface (VUI) design directly affects the success of your contact center, and GM Voices is certain you don’t want to create unnecessary hurdles for your customers. With a well-designed application, your business can increase self-service levels (caller containment), reduce misrouted calls, leverage identification/authentication for personalized service, and reduce agent handle time.

Design quality is equally important in speech, touch-tone (DTMF), and hybrid speech and touch-tone applications, and the last thing you want to worry about is how your prospects will overcome a bunch of needless, automated obstacles.

GM Voices’ Script and Call Flow Review Services provide the knowledge and understanding to help you deploy efficient, user-friendly IVR applications.

Pre-recording Expert Reviewvui_example_2

  • Report identifying and prioritizing issues
  • Recommended action items
  • Simple modifications: “quick fixes” to script

Pre-recording Expert Review and Re-scripting

  • Extensive review of all prompts
  • Report identifying and prioritizing issues
  • Comprehensive rewriting of script

Existing System Expert Review

  • High-level review of call flow/dialog structure
  • Report identifying and prioritizing issues, with recommended action items
  • Some simple modifications: “quick fixes” to script and call flow

Existing System Expert Review with Pending Updates and Changes

  • Comprehensive review of call flow and prompts
  • Report identifying and prioritizing issues in current application
  • Simple modifications: “quick fixes” to script and call flow for changes and updates
  • Appraisal of proposed pending changes
  • Recommended modifications to pending changes to better address issues
  • Evaluation of “gaps” in proposed pending changes

“We knew that our system needed to do a better job of containing callers. What we didn’t know was how important the wording was. Our callers didn’t understand our shop lingo and routing options. GM Voices took a look at our call flow and within a few weeks of implementation, we realized our ROI! Since we were recording with GM Voices anyway, the workflow made sense too.”
Amy Milam, Senior Telecom Analyst