Reach Any Audience with Voice Over for Video

Find out How Voice Narration, Voice Dubbing and Subtitling Can Expand Your Company

The translation horror stories are out there. You gave one of your graphical, animated, or presentation videos to a “professional,” but what you received was far from what you were promised. Words were mispronounced, the voice actor was difficult to understand, and we could go on about the mistakes. Instead, you should let GM Voices do the real professional work because we’ll prevent those horror stories from happening again.

With over 100 languages to choose from, we’ll help you decide on the best male or female voice to tell your story. Having options like that means you’ll have an actor who actually speaks the language you’ve selected, will pronounce the words correctly, and in turn, provide you with a high-quality video. If you want voice narration, subtitling, or voice dubbing for your video, we guarantee you’ll never fall into the “professional” trap ever again. To read more on how voice over can help localize your video, check out this PDF.

How Business Narration Can Boost Your Business

Ever thought about how you can reach an international audience with the videos you have now? We’ll give you a few ideas. You can use an international narrator (who also happens to be a professional voice over actor) to replace the English audio in your video. This probably sounds too simple of a process and too good to be true, but if you give us a call or send us an email, we’ll be glad to talk to you about this service and how we can do it at price you’ll agree with as well.

Choosing Between Voice Dubbing and Subtitling

Not sure which style – dubbing or styling – is more appropriate for your next video? Here’s a brief overview of each. Voice dubbing is when the primary language starts the video, but it’s lowered so the translated audio is dominant. On the other hand, subtitling is when the audio is transcribed sentence by sentence and the meaning is interpreted.

Your videos don’t have to suffer because we have the solution your company needs in order to meet the needs of your international audience. Learn more details about voice dubbing and subtitling and contact us today to get started!

Watch the video below to see some of our recent work.