Voice Solutions

A picture says a thousand words, but no presentation is complete without sound. Our creative voice solutions add professionalism to your PowerPoint and Flash presentations, Video, Podcasts, and webinars.

Most of our voice actors are theatrically trained, so they follow direction efficiently and convincingly, adding value to your brand as they speak. Sincere and convincing voiceovers that customers like interacting with are one of the best ways to reinforce your brand identity.

Business Voice Narration

GM Voices ensures your video, graphical presentation, or animation speaks to customers with professionalism and credibility.
» Give Your Video a Professional Sound!

PowerPoint and Flash Voiceovers

With the right combination of voices, music and effects, we’ll help tell your story in a way that gets attention and drives revenue.
» Deliver Your Message with Greater Impact!

Promote Events with Voice

If you want to connect with your audience, tell them about how John Doe’s complex world got a little easier because he bought your story.
» Let Voice Drive Your Registration Efforts!

Make Webinars Listenable

Our creative team will guide you through all phases of production, from scriptwriting and production to delivery.
» Friendly and Engaging is the Way to Go!

Video Dubbing

Introduce new products or services, support a current marketing campaign or even promote an upcoming event.
» Bring Your Content to New Audiences!