Business Storytelling Video Types

Creative, Fun, Engaging – Tell Your Story More Effectively with GM Voices

Every company has a unique value proposition, a story to the marketplace that sets it apart from competitors. But most businesses aren’t good at telling that story, at cutting through the noise and clutter that bombards consumers and businesspeople every day. That’s where we come in.

Offering a wide range of creative business storytelling solutions, GM Voices helps you capture your prospects’ eyes, ears, and dollars better than ever before.

Types of Stories

Video Spokesperson

A friendly, on-camera actor details your value proposition or introduces a campaign or promotion in an episodic series.

Graphical Video Overview

Colorful, fast-paced and engaging, we tell your story with an off-camera narrator and colorful, custom-produced graphics.

Business Animation

Using intricate animation techniques and multiple character voice roles, this business “cartoon” delivers laughs and results.

Dynamic Web Video Tutorial

Demoing a new website or walking users through a product or interface? Keep their attention and teach them how.

Narrated Business Presentation

Turn your standard value proposition into a professionally-narrated, viral presentation that works its way up the decision-making ladder.