Talent Spotlight: Neutral Spanish from Abril

Give Spanish-Language Customers a Great Experience

spanish-talentAs the Spanish-speaking market in North America skyrockets in number and spending influence, is your company doing all it can to make inroads? For all your voice applications, Abril is a fantastic choice to better engage your customers. Abril, who’s provided warm, friendly and professional voice-overs to GM Voices’ clients for over 10 years, knows a thing or two about branding, having earned a degree in marketing and communications from Mexico City University, and completed two years of post-graduate marketing study. Today, she applies this knowledge to personify brands from all types of industries and voice technologies.

“There are two aspects that I like the most about being a voice talent at GM Voices,” said Abril. “The first is how proud I am to be able to use my native language to help companies that want their customers to feel at home by speaking their language when they reach out to them. It just gives me great satisfaction! The other thing that I love is what happens behind the scenes. The companies see the final product, but they don’t get to see and experience what I do. From the moment I walk into the GM Voices facility to the moment I leave, I find nothing but wonderful people with big smiles who are always willing to help me do my job.”

Abril Sample 1

Abril Sample 2

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