Talent Spotlight: Dillon

A New-and-Improved Sound is the Best Gift You Can Receive This Holiday Season

mic1When you spend every minute asking around and searching online for a “professional” voice for your company, it’s hard not to turn into a scrooge. You want to find someone who’s reliable, experienced and can give you the sound your business needs at an affordable price. You may think you’re asking for too much, but it doesn’t sound like it to us! In fact, we think you’re on the right track! Let us introduce you to our featured talent, Dillon! He’s one of our US English performers and may be exactly who your company needs to help you ring in a new year with an enhanced customer experience!

“I’ve been a voice actor for eight years and a media production professional for more than twenty years. I believe an organization’s identity is formed from the first words their customers hear, so I take pride in being a part of shaping that image and helping to create a winning identity.”

Dillon Sample

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