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Winter 2016

Out with the Old: Watch Our Newest “Fire Your Robot Voice” Episode

GM Voices Hangs Up On Unnatural Voices in Its Latest Series

A bad voice experience on your phone system can really drag your business down and tarnish your brand. Watch the next episode in our “Fired Phone” video series and learn how GM Voices can enhance your IVR with a voice that doesn’t alienate customers.

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White Paper: How to Choose a Voice for Your Speech Application

CEO Marcus Graham Shows You the Good, Bad and the Ugly of Voice Selection

Speech RecognitionAs we always say, anyone with a tape deck and a microphone can be in the voice recording business, but turning over your customer contacts to an automated voice requires serious forethought. In the exclusive white paper “Speech Recognition, the Brand and the Voice: How to Choose a Voice for Your Application,” GM Voices CEO Marcus Graham explains the difference between an in-house talent, a radio announcer and a voice actor, as well as the pitfalls and possibilities of doing business with an independent voice-over artist, a technology provider and an IVR-focused voice-over studio. Check it out!

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Videos of Christmas Past

Discover (or Revisit) GM Voices’ Yuletide Classics

Christmas Song Medley   Jingle Bell Rock
Santa Bought Us a Building   'Twas the Night Before Christmas

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Talent Spotlight: Dillon

A New-and-Improved Sound is the Best Gift You Can Receive This Holiday Season

mic1When you spend every minute asking around and searching online for a “professional” voice for your company, it’s hard not to turn into a scrooge. You want to find someone who’s reliable, experienced and can give you the sound your business needs at an affordable price. You may think you’re asking for too much, but it doesn’t sound like it to us! In fact, we think you’re on the right track! Let us introduce you to our featured talent, Dillon! He’s one of our US English performers and may be exactly who your company needs to help you ring in a new year with an enhanced customer experience!

“I’ve been a voice actor for eight years and a media production professional for more than twenty years. I believe an organization’s identity is formed from the first words their customers hear, so I take pride in being a part of shaping that image and helping to create a winning identity.”

Dillon Sample

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A Rolling Stone Salesperson Gathers No Moss: Trade Show Recap

The GM Voices Merry Traveling Band Keeps Flying This Fall

Starting in September, it seemed like the GM Voices sales team was constantly traveling to different trade shows. Their calendars were packed with events, but that didn’t stop them from attending as many as possible! From ICMI to the SOCAP Annual Conference to ICUC and more, our account managers had the opportunity to interact with different audiences and talk about the benefits of Voice Branding!

Read what our account managers had to say!

“The ICMI Contact Center Demo & Conference was extremely insightful. GM Voices’ booth was right near the Solutions Spotlight Theater and I had the opportunity to learn from the presentations. I met a lot of existing customers and quite a few potential clients who were interested in our voice prompt recording services.” – Jay Steinworth, Director of Business Development

“This year’s SOCAP Annual Conference was a huge success! From the beautiful South Florida location to the fantastic learning and networking opportunities, no detail was overlooked. I’m looking forward to the 2016 Spring Symposium in Nashville!” – Rachel Hembree, Account Manager

“ICUC was a great chance to meet with our partners and clients who utilize inContact or are exploring the inContact platform. It was great discussing how GM Voices’ partnership with inContact gives you the opportunity to make your Voice Brand world class.” – Chad Harrison, Account Manager

“Every year we seek to broaden and strengthen our relationship with Genesys. It’s the type of organization that’s always supporting their customers with the best technology tools in any environment. The experience in Miami was like no other. It’s gratifying to know we’re a preferred voice partner in their space and we wouldn’t want it any other way.” – Kevin John, Account Manager

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Fake Celebs, Real Testimonials

Voice Actors and Languages from A to Z(orro)

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All “Fore” One: A Fun Afternoon at Topgolf

GMV Company Event Brings Golf, Food and Team-Building

Given the choice to either leave the office early and go to a team-building event or stay at the office and work, hopefully, you’ll choose the first option. Well, that’s exactly what GM Voices did early in November, heading down the road to Topgolf for a day of devastating drives, pinpoint putts and choice chip shots. While some team members were fairway fanatics and others were picking up a club for the first time, everyone had a great time racking up points, winning prizes and chowing down on sliders and buffalo chicken!

Take a look at our future PGA champions in action!

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