Talent Spotlight: Brice

A Friendly, Natural Sound for Any Voice Project

When it comes to choosing a voice talent, we don’t let just anyone join our roster. Our strict selection process has enabled us to build a roster of reputable voice actors our clients trust and enjoy working with week in and week out. With over 900 total performers, it can be difficult to narrow down your selection, but we think Brice, a US English talent who now records with GM Voices every Wednesday, has a fresh, confident and “real” sound that works great for any type of voice application.


“Hi, Brice here! I’ve been a voice actor since 2001 and on the GM Voices talent roster since 2008. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a living by slapping on headphones, stepping into sound booths and speaking in silly, professional, strange, or somber voices, depending on the client’s preference. GM Voices keeps me energized every week by offering me a wide range of voice projects and letting me work with some of the kindest, brightest, funniest people in the business.”

Brice Sample 1
Brice Sample 2
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