Talent Spotlight:
The Bilingual Skills of Jordana

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Voice Talent—
One-Stop Voice Branding!

We understand the value of a brand-consistent voice persona for a company, so it makes sense that we only want to work with the best voice talent in the business. When you’re selecting a voice actor for your voice prompts, narrated presentation, video dubbing project, web tutorial and so on, the individual should personify your company image. The branding component is absolutely essential, but so are pricing, availability and process convenience. With GM Voices, you don’t have to make concessions with any of these factors, and our new voice talent Jordana is especially representative of our value proposition.

As a native Spanish speaker, and a crisp, friendly-sounding English voice talent, Jordana helps you deliver a world-class customer experience in two languages (and in the same recording session!).

What is your company doing to make inroads with the skyrocketing American Spanish-speaking population? Are you giving your Hispanic customers the same high-quality, branded experience? According to the Census Bureau, the Hispanic population reached a staggering 53 million as of July 1, 2012. The bilingual market is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so make sure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Until this day I still believe that as a talent, my main mission is to understand what the consumer wants, and deliver the message in an appealing, natural and effective way…Working with knowledgeable and ethical professionals assures me that my best resource – my voice – is being accurately valued by the clients, the company and myself. I am very proud and honored to be [a] part of GM Voices.” –Jordana

Neutral Spanish
US English
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