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Winter 2014

GM Voices’ Creative Video Solutions Help You Tell Your Story More Effectively

See How Multimedia Storytelling Can Bring Your Message into the Spotlight

If you’ve attempted to incorporate video or multimedia into your business messaging, did your story connect with potential customers? Was your production friendly, engaging and fun to watch? Is it something a customer or prospect would forward to a friend or colleague? If not, we’d like to talk to you about our business storytelling services.

From live video to graphical animation, GM Voices can help you tell your story more effectively in almost any style and on any budget.

When you’re telling your story to customers or staff, your production is a reflection of your company, for better or worse. From brainstorming to scripting and all the way to the editing, we’ll make your project a success!

Watch our updated demo reel to see some of our specialty storytelling types!

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Hit Record on Business Video Productions

Get the Inside Scoop on Our SOCAP Georgia Event

You might have brushed off the idea of incorporating video into your marketing plan, but what’s really holding you back from taking the leap? Pricing? Quality? The creative? From the business angle, video storytelling can be effective if the right resources and team are involved. Oh, whattaya know… GM Voices can answer the bell on all sides! To educate local and regional companies on the benefits of video storytelling, we hosted an event with SOCAP Georgia in November 2013. During the event, we organized a live video workshop, a guided tour of our production facilities, and gave a presentation on how video has evolved throughout the years.

We even put together a recap video for all our friends and business contacts who couldn’t attend. Check it out!

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Talent Spotlight:
The Bilingual Skills of Jordana

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Voice Talent—
One-Stop Voice Branding!

We understand the value of a brand-consistent voice persona for a company, so it makes sense that we only want to work with the best voice talent in the business. When you’re selecting a voice actor for your voice prompts, narrated presentation, video dubbing project, web tutorial and so on, the individual should personify your company image. The branding component is absolutely essential, but so are pricing, availability and process convenience. With GM Voices, you don’t have to make concessions with any of these factors, and our new voice talent Jordana is especially representative of our value proposition.

As a native Spanish speaker, and a crisp, friendly-sounding English voice talent, Jordana helps you deliver a world-class customer experience in two languages (and in the same recording session!).

What is your company doing to make inroads with the skyrocketing American Spanish-speaking population? Are you giving your Hispanic customers the same high-quality, branded experience? According to the Census Bureau, the Hispanic population reached a staggering 53 million as of July 1, 2012. The bilingual market is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so make sure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Until this day I still believe that as a talent, my main mission is to understand what the consumer wants, and deliver the message in an appealing, natural and effective way…Working with knowledgeable and ethical professionals assures me that my best resource – my voice – is being accurately valued by the clients, the company and myself. I am very proud and honored to be [a] part of GM Voices.” –Jordana

Neutral Spanish
US English
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The Bilingual Skills of Jordana

Getting Fit for a New Year

GM Voices’ Wellness Program Promotes Healthy Lifestyles


At the end of October 2013, we concluded our three-month Weight Loss Challenge, the inaugural campaign of Sound Living, our company-wide wellness initiative. Our participants challenged themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to reach their health goals. The cash prizes might have been a minor incentive, but it was up to them to stay strong throughout the competition.

The Sound Living Winners!

The Sound Living Winners!

We are proud to announce our first place $500 winners from the GM Voices Team – Melanie and her husband Bryan. Also referred to as Team St. Clair! Additional congrats to Winnie and Irina for second and third place finishes, respectively.

So, as we say farewell to 2013 and embrace the New Year (some of us more than others), we’re preparing to introduce new fitness programs for 2014. It’s less about crossing off the “get fit” New Year’s resolutions and more about maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen for years to come. Stay tuned for more information on our wellness challenges and results! With everyone in the company receiving Fitbits (fitness trackers) at our year-end party, I’m sure we’ll all be running marathons in no time at all!

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Mo Money, Less (Men’s Health) Problems

Doing Our Part by Participating in Movember

Some businesses overlooked their “no facial hair” policies this past November (at least we’re hoping they did) to support Movember. Movember is when the mustache population multiplies exponentially during November in order to raise awareness for the health issues men face, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

GM Voices is a proud supporter of this cause and this year was no exception. With the help of our fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, our team has raised $2,500 in three years and $900 this year in donations! At the end of Movember, our office held a Mo Bro Facebook contest. We posted our participants’ ‘staches on Facebook and let people vote for their favorite. Take a look at their expertly-crafted facial accessories!

movember moustache collage

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