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Winter 2013

Welcome to the New GM Voices

Custom Production Facility Highlights Ambitious New Year

GM Voices has big plans for 2013 and beyond. How big? About 18,000 square feet. Punctuating an already very busy Christmas season, GM Voices moved one exit up the highway to a new, custom-built production facility featuring improved recording studios and editing suites; larger sales, marketing and meeting areas; and even an in-house video production space.

“GM Voices has seen its market share and service offering grow over the past several years,” said Marcus Graham, CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “Our customers are using professionally-recorded voice on a host of evolving technologies, and this move was designed to give us greater flexibility to fit a true need in the marketplace.”

Phone number and email addresses will stay the same. Our new address is 6515 Shiloh Road, Suite 300, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Read our full announcement, and please take a minute to watch our video introduction to the new GM Voices. Stay tuned for the full office tour in 2013!

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GM Voices Partners with LumenVox

Made-to-Order Online Marketplace to Enhance LumenVox Customer Experience

GM Voices is pleased to announce its recent partnership with LumenVox, an award-winning speech automation solutions provider headquartered in San Diego. The companies will work together to develop a custom e-commerce Web site that will make it easy for LumenVox customers to maintain a natural-sounding, one-voice caller experience for their Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech Tuner solutions.

“GM Voices’ customized prompt recordings and LumenVox’s technologies make for the most natural-sounding speech interface for any IVR developer,” said LumenVox CEO, Dave Rich. “Now any speech developer can have affordable, best-in-breed solutions for their applications.

Read the full announcement!

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GM Voices is “Just Right”

Choose a Voice Provider that’s Not Too Big, Not Too Small for the Best Results

Finding the right voice provider is essential to the long-term success of your telephony investment. If you go “big,” you won’t get the best service and turnaround; voice recording isn’t the core competency of one large speech recognition provider. If you go “small,” quality and technical issues may complicate your implementation and ongoing updates. GM Voices is “just right.” Watch our short video to see why.

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How to Write an Auto Attendant

It’s Your Modern-Day Front Door; How Are You Greeting Customers?

A well-crafted auto attendant sets the tone for your entire customer experience. Is your business greeting and guiding customers with a clear, friendly, and brand-consistent voice? Watch our short video for helpful tips on writing an auto attendant script with impact.

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Talent Spotlight: Josephine

Versatile Neutral Spanish for Any Application

While most large companies “go pro” with their US-English voice prompt messaging, Spanish is slowly becoming just as important to the customer experience. And for good reason: The US Spanish-speaking population will triple over the next 40 years. Josephine, one of our weekly voice actors, is a versatile, economical option for any organization upgrading its Spanish messaging to a professional talent.

“The best way I can describe what it’s like working with GM Voices is ‘familiarity,’” said Josephine. “Although we’re never working in the same space (I have a home studio), it feels like the engineer is right there with me, closely listening in and caring for my work. It is always a collaborative process and that’s what makes it so special.”

Sample Josephine’s Voice:

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