Talent Spotlight: Danielle

A Warm, Friendly (And Weekly!) Sound for All Your Voice Projects

No one should have to jump from business to business, hunting for “the voice” of their company, only to be repeatedly disappointed. You’re trying to select a voice to greet customers on the phone, guide them to the person who can best answer their questions, and the list goes on. This is essential! So, allow us to introduce you to Danielle, one of the true pros on our voice roster. And since she’s one of our weekly talents, she records on the same day every week. (Yes, we know consistency is an important factor, too!)

MIC AND WAVEFORM shutterstock_53833870“I never would’ve imagined my career path would allow me to hear my voice pretty much everywhere – in cars, radio and TV commercials, on-hold and IVR applications, corporate narrations, and e-learning programs,” said Danielle. “I’m able to do all of this work from the comfort of my home studio and it’s my full-time job. There’s nothing I enjoy more than making a script come to life with my voice! I’m truly blessed to have developed a relationship with the GM Voices team. GM Voices is more than another client; I consider the organization as a business partner and its team members as my friends. I look forward to many more years of recording with them and their top-of-the-line clients.”

Danielle Sample 1
Danielle Sample 2
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