Talent Spotlight: Joelle

Say “Oui” to Friendly, Professional Voice Branding

When it comes to finding the right international voice talent to represent your brand, you have to consider some important factors–professionalism, experience, and a locally-authentic sound. Joelle, one of our European French voice talents (as opposed to Canadian French… a considerable difference!), delivers class and distinction at the right price.

“I’m originally from Paris, and I still spend my summers near Bordeaux at the Atlantic Ocean beaches of Cap Ferret. I’ve been working for GM Voices for almost 10 years. How easy and fun it is! Easy, because they are so well organized, patient and quick to solve any issue, and fun, because they are friendly, caring and relaxed. It’s an honor to work with this professional team! J’adore!”

Listen to Joelle’s samples below and let us know what you think!

Joelle Sample 1
Joelle Sample 2
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