Going the Extra Mile to Live Healthy

Taking Care of Your Mind, Body and Spirit One Step at a Time

Who knew an electronic device that counts your steps (the Fitbit) could become so addicting? During our Walk Like You Mean It fitness challenge, we found out how much we depended on the small device clipped onto our hip. Some were relieved when we wrapped up our contest on April 15th, but our team is already looking forward to the next fitness challenge.

Our Sound Living wellness program is a way to motivate our team to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and compete (in a friendly way, of course) with each other for some great prizes. We’re proud of our participants for pushing themselves in the competition so we’ll have to wait and see what the next Sound Living challenge has in store.

Take a look at our winners!

1st Place: Haley ($500 cash)
2nd Place: Irina ($100 gift card)
3rd Place: Lora ($50 gift card)


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