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Summer 2013

Let’s Build a Better Voice Brand

GM Voices’ Renowned Voice Branding Initiative Brings a Unique Sound to Your Customer Touchpoints

When only a world-class customer experience will do (the way it should be for every company!), GM Voices works with technology/telephony and marketing teams on one of our signature creative offerings, the Voice Branding Initiative. Through a combination of art and science, we develop the perfect, brand-consistent virtual personality to represent your organization over the telephone. Watch our overview video to see how it works, then contact us to help elevate your customer touchpoints!

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GM Voices eLearning Solutions: Better Train and Engage Staff

Multimedia Services Help Your Team Retain Key Concepts

So, what’s your organization doing to train associates? Do you have an on-boarding specialist? What if a trainee is struggling with a concept? Are you offering text-based materials? Hmm. That might be comprehensive, but it sure sounds kind of boring.

Through an all-inclusive mix of voice narration, graphic design and multimedia services, GM Voices can elevate your training operation with lively, engaging eLearning materials. We’re not telling you to scrap what you’re currently doing, BUT, having on-demand, supplementary resources shortens the learning curve for any new team member (or even an established one revisiting older concepts). See our short video to get an idea of how we can help you better train and engage your staff.

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Talent Spotlight: Tio

Neutral Spanish with Life, Color and Texture

TioIf your organization hasn’t effectively addressed its Spanish-speaking customers on IVR or automated technologies, it’s time to get with the program, amigo. GM Voices makes it super easy to connect with this audience that’s constantly growing in both number and spending influence. A great option is our voice actor Tio, who in addition to being a handsome guy who features prominently in our marketing materials, is also a fantastic performer. Consider him for any project that requires consistency, range and charisma.

“I’ve been a voice actor since I can remember. Spanish is a complex, romantic language with flow and rhythm, and I’m able to accomplish not only the neutral accent that companies require, but also deliver a sound with life, color and texture that connects with audiences. The quality of GM Voices’ work is remarkable, and they’re a joy to work with.”

Sample Tio’s Voice:

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Fatty’s Tuesday

Food Truck Visits GM Voices;
We All Get Fat (and Happy)

GM Voices’ own audio engineer and audio sound effects expert, Emily Harrison, an avid “Yelper,” recently coordinated a fun food truck day in our office park. With Yelp OTP, she brought the delicious New York hot dogs and treats of Fatty’s of Atlanta to GM Voices. We enjoyed a great lunch of hot dogs (with all the fixins), Italian ices, cream sodas, stadium pretzels and more! The only problem was shaking off the carb-induced sleepiness and getting back to work! Thanks Emily, Yelp OTP, and, of course, Fatty’s of Atlanta!


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Comix Corner: Know Your Voices

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Summer Comic

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Meet Our Merry Melody

Jessica Harrison’s Little Bundle of Joy

Setting aside the “business” and moving on to “very cute” news, GM Voices Account Manager Jessica Harrison is currently on maternity leave enjoying the newest addition to our extended family. Meet Melody Marie “Chalupa” Harrison! We’re extremely happy for Jessica and her husband, Chad. Congrats, guys! This photo is from our own Renee Kam. Check out her website!


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