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Summer 2012

UK English Added to Preferred Recording Schedule

Larissa Records Every Other Monday;
Get the Best Value on UK Voice Prompts

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Our customers spoke. We listened. Due to overwhelming demand, GM Voices is now recording UK English on a regular, ongoing schedule with voice actor Larissa. That means we’ll be able to bundle costs and pass the savings on to you. Larissa, a talent native to England, will be recording in our studios every first and third Monday, ensuring that you get our most economical pricing and easiest-to-plan production process.

Ready to upgrade your Voice Brand in the UK and throughout Europe? Sample Larissa’s voice, and let us know about your next voice recording project!

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Voice Branding 101

Essential Class Offered at Customer Care University All Year Long

Take your customer experience to school with our fun new video presentation! Does your Voice Brand make the grade?

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Voice Choices for Asterisk

GM Voices Helps Developers and End Users Find the Right Voice for the Project

Offering numerous female and male voice actors for any Asterisk application, GM Voices allows end users and developers to choose a brand-consistent voice for every Asterisk deployment.

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Talent Spotlight: Viviane

Brazilian Portuguese is One of the Fastest Growing Language Markets

female talent spotlight imageIn a recent blog post, we discussed emerging markets and how these seven defined countries are increasingly making waves in the global marketplace, both on their own terms and for domestic corporations as they expand their international footprint. Front and center for Voice Branding importance is Brazilian Portuguese, the language of 190 million people in Brazil.

In this newsletter, we spotlight Brazilian Portuguese voice actor Viviane, who attributes her success to life experiences that are both obviously and unexpectedly useful to voice acting.

“Throughout my life I have enjoyed many different ways to make good use of my voice. Singing lessons gave me air-managing techniques. Acting taught me how to inhabit a character. Being a preschool teacher challenges me daily on how to keep my voice effectively heard and also entertaining for the little, tough crowd. Working at GM Voices has been amazing because I can put together all these different experiences to better serve our customers’ needs.”

Sample Viviane’s Voice:

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Comix Corner: Summer 2012

Bad (But Honest) Service

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