Talent Spotlight: Cole

Youthful, Cool, Guy-Next-Door Sound

In recent years, much to GM Voices’ approval, companies are moving away from the booming “radio announcer” sound into voices that are more natural and believable. Especially with our male talent, we take great care to fill our roster with unique (but entirely relatable) voices. One such voice belongs to Cole, a fast-rising US English talent. While he’s been in the voice acting business for over 10 years, his sound is fresh, young and approachable. Cole sounds like someone we know, but better; it’s the hard-to-define quality that all our top performers share.

“There’s no better feeling than providing a client with a product they’re happy with, that will be effective, and can be delivered in a fast and efficient way,” said Cole. “That’s what GM Voices allows me to do every time.”

Listen to a Cole sample:

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