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Summer 2011

New Video Talking Points

High-Level Overviews on Voice Branding

GM Voices continues to grow its “Voice Branding Video Toolkit,” a collection of high-level segments discussing the basics of Voice Branding, improving the automated customer experience, and GM Voices’ core competencies. For this newsletter, our library has expanded with these new videos: Origin of GM Voices, Production Facility, Talent Review Process, Video Dubbing and Localization, VisionClips (IVR Audio Sales Tools), Vocabularies/Voice Prompt Sets, and Voice Brand Audits. Browse our alphabetized list of videos!

Here is our entry on VisionClips, audio sales demonstrations we produce for our technology partners to help close more deals.

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Be a Voice Branding Expert

GM Voices’ White Papers Give You the Upper Hand

white papers imageNow that you know the basics of Voice Branding (from checking out the videos above), you’re ready to kick it up a notch and go into more detail. GM Voices’ white papers provide comprehensive information on choosing a voice and provider for your speech application, perfecting the caller experience, and creating a voice persona unique to your brand. Check out our first entries, and stay tuned to future newsletters for more useful guides on enhancing your automated customer contacts.

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SOCAP Lunch ‘n’ Learn Recap

New Media Case Studies and Prizes!

SOCAP GA logoOn September 22, GM Voices hosted members of the Georgia Chapter of SOCAP for “The Customer Experience in New Media,” a fun and educational look at how companies are using new and emerging media to provide a better customer experience. During our roundtable discussion, we reviewed several case studies; everything from social media to creative business video to mobile apps. Sandy Tafur of PossibleNOW won a Buckhead Life gift card for her winning entry of the Direct Marketing Compliance Channel, a 400-member LinkedIn group, and Sharon Moon of AVDS won an iPad! Good times were had by all.

Make your plans to attend SOCAP International’s 2011 Annual Conference in Orlando October 16-19. Check out this short video we produced for them promoting the event.

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IVONA Gets Highest Marks for TTS Accuracy

Provide a One-Voice Experience with
GM Voices and IVONA

GM Voices congratulates its partner IVONA for topping ASR News’ 2011 study for TTS Accuracy. Measuring 10 top TTS providers, IVONA ranked as the most accurate in five out of seven categories. IVONA offers TTS versions of GM Voices voice talent in US English, Neutral Spanish, Castilian Spanish and German, with many more languages in development. For a world-class caller experience, combine naturally-recorded voice prompts with the matching voice in lifelike IVONA TTS. Visit our IVONA webpage to listen to samples and learn more.

TTS accuracy bar chart

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Talent Spotlight: Cole

Youthful, Cool, Guy-Next-Door Sound

In recent years, much to GM Voices’ approval, companies are moving away from the booming “radio announcer” sound into voices that are more natural and believable. Especially with our male talent, we take great care to fill our roster with unique (but entirely relatable) voices. One such voice belongs to Cole, a fast-rising US English talent. While he’s been in the voice acting business for over 10 years, his sound is fresh, young and approachable. Cole sounds like someone we know, but better; it’s the hard-to-define quality that all our top performers share.

“There’s no better feeling than providing a client with a product they’re happy with, that will be effective, and can be delivered in a fast and efficient way,” said Cole. “That’s what GM Voices allows me to do every time.”

Listen to a Cole sample:

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