Spotlighting Allysa

Upgrade Your Voice Brand with a Fresh, Friendly, Natural Sound

voice-talentPresenting the right Voice Brand is essential to your company’s customer experience. This quarter, we’re thrilled to feature Allysa, a US English voice known for her confident, reassuring sound.

Allysa’s voice has great versatility, capturing both casual and professional tones with ease. She brings a wealth of experience to GM Voices, unfailingly impressing clients with her professionalism and overall sound quality.

“I’ve been doing voice-overs for over a decade, everything from feature films to video games, and I always look forward to my sessions with GM Voices,” says Allysa. “From the engineers, to the support staff, to the clients, we always produce great work and have fun in the process!”

Allysa Sample 1

Allysa Sample 2

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