Talent Spotlight: Eleni

This Russian Voice Talent Raises the Bar

It’s challenging to find the right English-speaking voice talent, let alone a native Russian performer! You need someone who’s professional, can speak Russian fluently (obviously!) and records on time and on budget for whenever a project arises. Well, you’re not asking for too much from GM Voices! Introducing Eleni, one of our preferred international talents and our newest talent spotlight! Friendly and coachable with a great sound, Eleni is sure to deliver on any script.

Listen to Eleni’s samples below and let us know what you think!

“Hi, there! I’m Eleni, your Russian voice-over talent. With an interest in public speaking, I understand the importance of having a quality voice when it comes to delivering a message. It’s especially true in cases when the visual part of nonverbal communication is missing, and all that’s left are the tone, speed and overall mood of the voice. That’s why, before my recording sessions, I like to learn as much as possible about the project or company I’m recording for and get a sense of the organization’s dynamic so I can communicate that through my voice.

This is my fifth year working with GM Voices and I always look forward to collaborating with an amazing team of creative, inspiring and highly professional people.”

Eleni Sample 1
Eleni Sample 2
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