Share Your Customer Stories with Video Testimonials

Leverage Your Business’ Best Advocates in Several Flexible Styles

Trying to find an effective way to boost your business? You may be overlooking one of your biggest storytelling assets–your customers! They’re your most effective marketing tool because they can talk about your services with credibility, authority, and, of course, a first-hand point of view. Sometimes business owners recognize the importance of their customers’ stories, but it’s not always apparent how best to proceed. Well, GM Voices’ video testimonials (in several flexible formats for any budget) are your answer!

Our custom-built video sets–a living room, conference room, and green screen–represent our in-house styles. We can also guide your customer through the process of delivering an effective smartphone testimonial, and for a prestige offering, even visit your customers on their own site. Our production team not only delivers the high-quality video, but also works with your customers to schedule a filming time, coach them through the interview process so you have an engaging testimonial, professionally edit the video, and so much more! It’s easy to get started! Just check out this page!

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