From Russia with GM Voices (In Studio)

What Happens When a Voice Talent Records In Our Studio

When you select a voice talent to represent your brand, you may not think twice about the recording process. You know it generally follows these steps: the voice talent records (in our Alpharetta, GA studios or from remote studios around the world via ISDN), a GM Voices engineer edits the recording, and then it’s delivered to the customer in the requested format. But what if you want to see a live session and can’t make it to a recording studio? What happens then? In that case, we’ll bring it to you! Well, kind of.

The video below shows how a session generally goes when a voice talent records live in a studio. What makes this video even more interesting is that it’s with one of our Russian voice actors (you may recognize the voice). Now, isn’t that more interesting than hearing us tell you about it?

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