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Spring 2015

GM Voices Partners with AVDS

GM Voices Adds a World-Class Technology Provider to Its Partner Portfolio


If you haven’t heard about our newest partnership, we’ll gladly break the news to you here! GM Voices is pleased to announce its partnership with Automated Voice and Data Solutions (AVDS), a leading provider of business Voice over IP (VoIP) and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. This partnership will allow AVDS customers to enhance their caller experience by adding a professional, brand-focused voice to an already exceptional technology solution.

“Part of our vision for 2014-2015 has been to add to our portfolio in order to help our customers with a more comprehensive range of solutions, and so we are very pleased to partner with GM Voices in order to achieve our overall vision,” said Sharon Moon, President of AVDS. “The fact that GM Voices has been the voice partner of Interactive Intelligence—and has a long record of successful implementations on this system—was a compelling factor in our decision,” added Moon.

Read the complete announcement here.

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Share Your Customer Stories with Video Testimonials

Leverage Your Business’ Best Advocates in Several Flexible Styles

Trying to find an effective way to boost your business? You may be overlooking one of your biggest storytelling assets–your customers! They’re your most effective marketing tool because they can talk about your services with credibility, authority, and, of course, a first-hand point of view. Sometimes business owners recognize the importance of their customers’ stories, but it’s not always apparent how best to proceed. Well, GM Voices’ video testimonials (in several flexible formats for any budget) are your answer!

Our custom-built video sets–a living room, conference room, and green screen–represent our in-house styles. We can also guide your customer through the process of delivering an effective smartphone testimonial, and for a prestige offering, even visit your customers on their own site. Our production team not only delivers the high-quality video, but also works with your customers to schedule a filming time, coach them through the interview process so you have an engaging testimonial, professionally edit the video, and so much more! It’s easy to get started! Just check out this page!

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Talent Spotlight: Eleni

This Russian Voice Talent Raises the Bar

It’s challenging to find the right English-speaking voice talent, let alone a native Russian performer! You need someone who’s professional, can speak Russian fluently (obviously!) and records on time and on budget for whenever a project arises. Well, you’re not asking for too much from GM Voices! Introducing Eleni, one of our preferred international talents and our newest talent spotlight! Friendly and coachable with a great sound, Eleni is sure to deliver on any script.

Listen to Eleni’s samples below and let us know what you think!

“Hi, there! I’m Eleni, your Russian voice-over talent. With an interest in public speaking, I understand the importance of having a quality voice when it comes to delivering a message. It’s especially true in cases when the visual part of nonverbal communication is missing, and all that’s left are the tone, speed and overall mood of the voice. That’s why, before my recording sessions, I like to learn as much as possible about the project or company I’m recording for and get a sense of the organization’s dynamic so I can communicate that through my voice.

This is my fifth year working with GM Voices and I always look forward to collaborating with an amazing team of creative, inspiring and highly professional people.”

Eleni Sample 1
Eleni Sample 2
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From Russia with GM Voices (In Studio)

What Happens When a Voice Talent Records In Our Studio

When you select a voice talent to represent your brand, you may not think twice about the recording process. You know it generally follows these steps: the voice talent records (in our Alpharetta, GA studios or from remote studios around the world via ISDN), a GM Voices engineer edits the recording, and then it’s delivered to the customer in the requested format. But what if you want to see a live session and can’t make it to a recording studio? What happens then? In that case, we’ll bring it to you! Well, kind of.

The video below shows how a session generally goes when a voice talent records live in a studio. What makes this video even more interesting is that it’s with one of our Russian voice actors (you may recognize the voice). Now, isn’t that more interesting than hearing us tell you about it?

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Don’t Miss Our IVR Workshop! Next Stop: Las Vegas, September 22-23

GMV and EIG Keep the IVR Workshops Rolling in 2015

The power couple of Enterprise Integration Group and GM Voices are stopping at nothing to bring you more informative IVR workshops this year, educating attendees on how they can deliver the best automated customer experience possible. Making its way around the Southeast and Southwest, GM Voices and EIG are proud to present “The Changing Telephone Channel: Optimizing IVR + Speech Recognition in an Age of Smartphones.”

The most recent workshop took place on March 11-12 at the Crowne Plaza Perimeter in Atlanta, but if you missed it, don’t worry! The next value-packed event is on September 22-23 in Las Vegas. That gives you enough time to reserve the dates on your calendar and start counting down! You’ll learn all about the complex world of IVR and how it shapes the customer experience, including comprehensive sessions on call flows, usability, Voice Branding, error recovery and much more.

For more information and to register in time for the early-bird rate, check out EIG’s site here.

2015-03-11 13.17.15

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Fake Celebs, Real Testimonials

Treating All of Our Customers Like Royalty!

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Future Contact Center Summit Recap

GM Voices Hits a Hole-in-One in Orlando

Escaping the cold Georgia weather wasn’t the only reason Jay, Chad and Bethany traveled to Orlando, Florida for The Future Contact Center Summit. This annual event was an opportunity for us to learn more about the contact center experience, both where it is now and where it’s going soon, and how GM Voices can help companies get there. At the summit, the green team (you’ll understand once you see the pictures) took every opportunity to connect with attendees–while they were exhibiting, at the various networking events–and even bumped into some current customers. Overall, the Future Contact Center Summit was an invaluable experience that advised attendees on how they can improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

To read more details about the conference and see a few pictures from the trip, click here!

googly eyes

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