Concatenation Expertise: In-Context Recordings

Leverage Our Knowledge and Programming Skills for a Seamless Caller Experience

When calling into an automated voice application, you know firsthand that many data-driven voice prompts will sound robotic and unnatural. That’s because these dynamic voice messages—your account number, bank balance, prescription information—are recorded out of context and then concatenated (combined) without regard to flow or intonation. It’s a disjointed, jarring experience for the customer, and a dangerous prospect for these guilty brands.

What GM Voices specializes in is in-context recording, a thorough alternative for a seamless concatenated playback. It involves recording multiple versions of numbers, dates and currencies, and then working with the implementation team to ensure that the voice files are combined intelligently. Watch our short video to see how it works, and talk to us the next time you’re facing a highly-personalized IVR project.


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