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Spring 2014

We Translate with Greater Impact

GM Voices’ All-Inclusive Services Help You Communicate with Local Market Credibility

Translation and Transcription Services for Audio + VideoA locally-authentic website for 12 new markets. A product catalogue that retains its eye-catching design on three continents. A marketing video given new life with skillfully-synced subtitles. While GM Voices has been known for professional voice recordings for decades, less known (but equally important) is our commitment to delivering world-class translation and localization services for any media or language. Bolstered by a worldwide network of accredited translators, a team of multimedia experts, and the right internal processes to drive great outcomes, GM Voices is your one-stop shop for all things translation, from print, to Web, to AV, software, and much more. Peruse our full offerings, and contact us the next time you need to take your content or message to new language markets.

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GM Voices Tells Your Story More Effectively

Creative Video Solutions Set You Apart in a Crowded Marketplace

Have a complicated or technical solution that involves lots of Web copy, on-site support, or sales material? No worries. Every company’s story, every value proposition can be distilled to its essence, and it can be done in a fun, engaging way. That’s where GM Voices comes in. With characters, a plot, a relatable problem, and (your) awesome solution, we build creative two-minute videos that help you share your big idea in a way that connects with your buying audience. Watch our little overview, and let us know when you’re ready to brainstorm!

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Case Study: SalesTalk Technologies

Narrated Business Presentations Announce Your New Solution the Right Way

Sometimes the problem isn’t them—your prospects—but you. Is your presentation boring? Does your product breakthrough hinge on the same-old, same-old slide deck? Read our full case study on narrated business presentations, and check out the final result below. Hundreds and hundreds of unique views from targeted prospects!

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It’s a Double Talent Spotlight!
Meet Allysa and Corinne!

Two Rising US English Voice Actors Ready to Share Your Message

With over 900 voice actors worldwide, including hundreds of domestic voice talent, sometimes choosing a voice can be a little daunting. That’s why we bring you these quarterly talent spotlight segments. They keep you up to date on our fresh and economical performers—two crucial factors when shaping your Voice Brand. This quarter, we spotlight not one but two outstanding options! Allysa is one of our weekly voice actors, meaning she records on the same day every week in economical bundled sessions. Hers is a confident yet casual sound that works for a variety of brands and industries. Corinne is a relative newcomer to GMV, but is already starting to win competitively-auditioned projects. She has a friendly voice, and is priced aggressively to build her book of business. Give these ladies a listen and let us know what you think!

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Meet Allysa and Corinne!

Concatenation Expertise: In-Context Recordings

Leverage Our Knowledge and Programming Skills for a Seamless Caller Experience

When calling into an automated voice application, you know firsthand that many data-driven voice prompts will sound robotic and unnatural. That’s because these dynamic voice messages—your account number, bank balance, prescription information—are recorded out of context and then concatenated (combined) without regard to flow or intonation. It’s a disjointed, jarring experience for the customer, and a dangerous prospect for these guilty brands.

What GM Voices specializes in is in-context recording, a thorough alternative for a seamless concatenated playback. It involves recording multiple versions of numbers, dates and currencies, and then working with the implementation team to ensure that the voice files are combined intelligently. Watch our short video to see how it works, and talk to us the next time you’re facing a highly-personalized IVR project.


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