Talent Spotlight: Leone

Does Your North American App Include
French Canadian?

Quebec_Flag_thumbAlmost 9.5 million Canadians speak French as their first language. That’s around 30% of the country. On your automated voice applications, product tutorials, and Web communications, are you making the effort to give these customers a great, localized experience?

If not, GM Voices can help you with that, and our voice talent Leone is a great starting point. Leone is a talented recording professional who elevates the Voice Branding efforts of some of North America’s top companies.

And what’s more, she’s available for your English-language recordings, too! With GM Voices’ ordering bundling process, this is truly one of the most economical options for rounding out your voice application!

Said Leone: “Working with GM Voices is a joy. Yeah, I know, you think I’m saying that just because they asked me what I thought of working with them, but it is totally true. In my line of work (being a bilingual voice talent, that is) I get work with many people in many fields, and of varying skill sets. It’s simple: everyone I have ever worked with at GM Voices, from the booking staff to all the engineers, are pros. And THAT it a true joy!”

Sample Leone’s Voice:

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