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Spring 2013

GM Voices Introduces New Translation and Localization Services

All-Inclusive International Offerings
for Print, Web, Video

GM Voices has long provided accredited translations for global corporations’ voice prompt recording and business narration scripts. But after a careful, year-long recruitment effort of specialist translators and writers, we’re happy to announce a suite of new, expanded services that will help companies tell their story in any language market for print, Web, software, video, and other multimedia. “GM Voices now has the full capability to adapt any English-language resource and help clients take that message to any language market with local credibility,” said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices.

» Read the full news release!

And for a deeper dive on these comprehensive business translation services, check out our short, narrated presentation.

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Case Study: Driving Event Registration for SOCAP

Business Storytelling Services Build Excitement, Deliver Results for Your Conference or Event

Most business conferences are promoted the same way: a graphic email, an exhibitor manual, a website. Wouldn’t it be great to offer something a little more interactive, a little more fun? GM Voices thinks so, and so does SOCAP International, the premier association of customer care experts.

For the past several years, GM Voices has helped SOCAP promote its Spring Symposium and Annual Conference events with professionally-narrated video presentations that outline the sessions, keynotes, and after-conference events that make these conferences “can’t-miss” every year.

Read our full case study, and then watch our most recent production promoting the 2013 Spring Symposium.

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Next Up: SOCAP 2013 Spring Symposium

Voice Branding in New Awlins April 28-May 1

Just in time for Jazz Fest, GM Voices geauxs (Bad pun? Deal with it.) to New Orleans for SOCAP’s Spring Symposium, bringing world-class Voice Branding solutions to some of the world’s biggest consumer organizations. Visit us at the event, or meet up with us for some red beans and rice! This is, after all, a combined business and culinary trip!


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Talent Spotlight: Leone

Does Your North American App Include
French Canadian?

Quebec_Flag_thumbAlmost 9.5 million Canadians speak French as their first language. That’s around 30% of the country. On your automated voice applications, product tutorials, and Web communications, are you making the effort to give these customers a great, localized experience?

If not, GM Voices can help you with that, and our voice talent Leone is a great starting point. Leone is a talented recording professional who elevates the Voice Branding efforts of some of North America’s top companies.

And what’s more, she’s available for your English-language recordings, too! With GM Voices’ ordering bundling process, this is truly one of the most economical options for rounding out your voice application!

Said Leone: “Working with GM Voices is a joy. Yeah, I know, you think I’m saying that just because they asked me what I thought of working with them, but it is totally true. In my line of work (being a bilingual voice talent, that is) I get work with many people in many fields, and of varying skill sets. It’s simple: everyone I have ever worked with at GM Voices, from the booking staff to all the engineers, are pros. And THAT it a true joy!”

Sample Leone’s Voice:

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Comix Corner: Bad Translation = One Bad Ad

Make Sure You’re Sending the Right Message

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