Meet the Team: Justin Fennell

The Most Interesting Man in IT Streamlines Our Operation

Affectionately referred to as “Dos,” as in “Dos Equis,” as in the “most interesting man in IT,” Justin Fennell is the technological backbone of GM Voices. Beneath a mild-mannered exterior lies a great mind for programming, security, Web design and more. In the past year, Dos has custom coded several important CRM features, helping us better organize customer information to provide enhanced service. He’s also behind our recent eCommerce launch, opening professional auto attendant recordings to a new online client base.

In his spare time, which is thankfully limited (we like this guy busy, folks), Dos enjoys golfing and home improvement projects. For example, he just got some delightful bamboo blinds. He’s also in the market for a dog—a chill, low-maintenance breed, no doubt, much like the man himself.

Dos, never one to bask in the spotlight, had but one statement for this newsletter audience: “I don’t always do IT, but when I do, I do it at GM Voices. Back up your servers, my friends.”

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