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Spring 2012

Better Voice Brand. Better Customer Experience.

Take Care of Customers with a Brand-Consistent Sound

GM Voices helps Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide put a human touch on voice menus, voice prompts and automated voice technology. Creating a consistent Voice Brand can have a huge impact on the overall caller experience. Watch this video of CEO Marcus Graham discussing how recorded voice helps you better take care of customers.

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GM Voices Announces Web Audio Services for Business

Deliver a Better Experience for Video, Flash and e-Learning

imageALPHARETTA, Ga. – GM Voices, the world’s largest producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies, has announced a new suite of Web audio services designed to enrich the browsing experience of business Web sites. The announcement follows a challenge issued to marketers and webmasters to make their Web presence more engaging.

With business video, social media, animation, and Flash- and Motion-enhanced tutorials, the tools are there to tell a great story in the online marketplace. But especially in the business-to-business arena, too many companies are falling behind the engagement curve—doing new media poorly, or standing on the sideline altogether. With GM Voices’ Web voice services, it’s never been easier to get it right.

Read the Full Press Release.

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On the Road Again: Spring Tour

Kicking Off a Busy Season of Conferences

imageThe birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and suitcases are being packed. With spring on the horizon, GM Voices is gearing up for a busy conference season!

Enterprise Connect, connecting business leaders in the communication technologies space, is up first in sunny Orlando, Florida March 26-29. This year, the focus will be on Unified Communications, mobility, SIP Trunking, Cloud, and video and collaboration solutions.

After our stint in the Magic Kingdom, we’re headed to SOCAP’s 2012 Symposium April 22-25 in Baltimore, Maryland. At SOCAP, the focus is on enhancing relationships through innovations in customer care (something we know a little about). We’ll be rubbing elbows with top consumer brands explaining the importance of voice in the customer experience.

And no spring season is complete without a few strategic partner shows. We’ll be crisscrossing the country for those, too. This year, spring cleaning might be delayed until summer, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Talent Spotlight – Allysa

Clear and Consistent Voice Prompts

female talent spotlight imagePresenting the right Voice Brand is essential to your company’s customer experience. This quarter, we’re showcasing Allysa, a US English voice known for her clear, consistent, reassuring tone.

Allysa’s voice has great versatility, a driving factor for clients choosing a talent. She captures both casual to professional brand images with ease. Having worked in the industry for over a decade, Allysa brings a wealth of experience to GM Voices; she unfailingly impresses clients with her professionalism and clients with consistent overall sound quality.

“I have been doing voice over for over a decade, doing everything from feature films to video games, and I always look forward to my sessions with GM Voices,” says Allysa. “From the engineers, to the support staff, to the clients, we always produce great work and have fun in the process!”


Listen to an Allysa sample:

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Meet the Team: Justin Fennell

The Most Interesting Man in IT Streamlines Our Operation

Affectionately referred to as “Dos,” as in “Dos Equis,” as in the “most interesting man in IT,” Justin Fennell is the technological backbone of GM Voices. Beneath a mild-mannered exterior lies a great mind for programming, security, Web design and more. In the past year, Dos has custom coded several important CRM features, helping us better organize customer information to provide enhanced service. He’s also behind our recent eCommerce launch, opening professional auto attendant recordings to a new online client base.

In his spare time, which is thankfully limited (we like this guy busy, folks), Dos enjoys golfing and home improvement projects. For example, he just got some delightful bamboo blinds. He’s also in the market for a dog—a chill, low-maintenance breed, no doubt, much like the man himself.

Dos, never one to bask in the spotlight, had but one statement for this newsletter audience: “I don’t always do IT, but when I do, I do it at GM Voices. Back up your servers, my friends.”

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Comix Corner

Sometimes You Have to Look Outside the Family

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