Read to Achieve: GM Voices Creates Company Library

Book Borrowing Runs by Honor System; Featuring Business, Self-Help, Motivational and Spiritual Titles

Several years ago, GM Voices launched its physical fitness program, Sound Living, as an incentive for team members to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, GM Voices has made steps to encourage employees to be intellectually curious inside and outside the office. Recently, GM Voices launched a small library, collecting unused and team-favorite book titles for the benefit of the company. Filling up the better part of three bookcases, the GM Voices library includes many entries on entrepreneurship and business, self-help and spiritual matters, as well as choice fiction and non-fiction titles. While still growing, several team members have already taken advantage of the collection, borrowing books or simply using the library space at the tail-end of a lunch break for peaceful reading. Stay tuned to our newsletter as we track the library’s growth in use and materials!


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