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Fall 2015

GM Voices Means BUSINESS About Voice Branding

New Video Series Shows Why It’s Time to “Fire” Your Old Robot-Sounding Voice

Tired of using a prerecorded voice that sounds robotic and unnatural? One that turns away customers instead of guiding them through a great self-service experience? The company in our newest video series was. See what happened to their old robot voice.

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Talent Spotlight: Danielle

A Warm, Friendly (And Weekly!) Sound for All Your Voice Projects

No one should have to jump from business to business, hunting for “the voice” of their company, only to be repeatedly disappointed. You’re trying to select a voice to greet customers on the phone, guide them to the person who can best answer their questions, and the list goes on. This is essential! So, allow us to introduce you to Danielle, one of the true pros on our voice roster. And since she’s one of our weekly talents, she records on the same day every week. (Yes, we know consistency is an important factor, too!)

MIC AND WAVEFORM shutterstock_53833870“I never would’ve imagined my career path would allow me to hear my voice pretty much everywhere – in cars, radio and TV commercials, on-hold and IVR applications, corporate narrations, and e-learning programs,” said Danielle. “I’m able to do all of this work from the comfort of my home studio and it’s my full-time job. There’s nothing I enjoy more than making a script come to life with my voice! I’m truly blessed to have developed a relationship with the GM Voices team. GM Voices is more than another client; I consider the organization as a business partner and its team members as my friends. I look forward to many more years of recording with them and their top-of-the-line clients.”

Danielle Sample 1
Danielle Sample 2
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SpeechTEK 2015 Recap

The Man with No Booth Goes Roaming, Makes New Friends

speechtek-2015Back in August, SpeechTEK celebrated its 20-year anniversary in New York City. Of course, as a longtime attendee, we weren’t about to miss this important milestone! So, Jay Steinworth, GM Voices’ Director of Business Development, packed light (no booth this year!) and made the trip to meet and mingle with individuals who have been an active part of the speech technology field for years, as well as novices just getting started in this innovative field. Jay attended several of Enterprise Integration Group’s (EIG) breakout sessions as a primer to our September IVR workshop! All in all, it was another fantastic experience in NYC!

“There was more energy than last year and some of the sessions had to accommodate for overflow,” said Jay. “The popular topics included omni-channel communications, voice biometrics and visual IVRs focusing on both natural language and DTMF interface design practices. The Association for Voice Interaction Design (AVIxD) held their annual membership meeting, hosted by Crispen Reedy and the AVIxD board. But one of the highlights for me was the panel discussion about ‘A Decade at SpeechTEK.’ It featured six veteran panelists moderated by Daniel Hong. The room was packed and the discussion was a great reflection of how well the speech community has taken speech recognition to the marketplace through the years and how well or different the actual application deployments were built as they had envisioned them.”

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Fake Celebs, Real Testimonials

Three US Presidents Endorse GM Voices

With the primary election cycle ginning up, it’s time to look back on what three US Presidents (or at least our customers in the voices of US Presidents) had to say about us. Check out this playlist; just let it keep playing to see all our presidential praise.

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GM Voices to Attend Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast as Platinum Sponsor

Annual Fall Event Brings Technology Community Together for Faith, Networking, Food and Fun

htmFor the past several years, GM Voices has attended High Tech Ministries’ annual prayer breakfast as either a Silver, Gold or marketing sponsor. Impressed by the quality of connections, keynote speakers and spiritual lessons to apply in the workplace, we doubled down and upgraded our commitment to headlining Platinum Sponsor.

The High Tech Prayer Breakfast is the largest (and earliest in the morning!) invitation-only networking event in the Atlanta technology community. It brings more than 1,600 Atlanta professionals together to to talk tech, business and how the message of Jesus has personally impacted lives.

Interested in attending? Check out the list of host team members, a who’s-who of Atlanta techies and ask for an invite. We hope to see you there!


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