How GM Voices Recorded the Voice of Siri

The Voice of Siri Has Been Revealed; Here’s How It Came to Life

With over 40 Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices recorded for technology companies in almost 20 languages, GM Voices makes sure that automated voice applications sound more friendly and engaging, whether the sound files are naturally recorded or concatenated (combined) by software. Recording a voice for TTS playback can be described in a few words: thorough, exhaustive, exhausting. But the end result, a great user experience for our partners and clients, speaks for itself. While we can’t go into too many specifics—non-disclosure agreements and such—we can say it involves recording lots and lots of things in almost every way imaginable.

One of the voice actors we’ve worked with for a long time, Susan Bennett of Atlanta, recently came forward to a talk about a TTS application she worked on several years ago, which later became the foundation of Apple’s Siri.

Read CNN’s exclusive feature detailing Susan’s story, as well as GM Voices’ involvement in the recording project.

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