Talent Showcase: Ellene

Use UK English for European Markets

American English may be the language of choice here in the U.S., but across the pond a different type is English is needed: UK English. GM Voices would like to introduce Ellene, one of our newest UK English voice actors.

Ellene may be new to GM Voices, but she is very experienced in using her voice to convey different messages in international markets. Since a young age, Ellene has been involved in theatre. She sings and acts on a regular basis, which gave her the practice and training she needed to become a successful professional voice actor here at GM Voices.

“I love being in the recording studio – it’s completely different from anything else I have done. I really like how my theatre training translates into the studio and how being in the studio translates into my theatre and film work. I am fortunate enough to have found a company like GM Voices that allows me to take full advantage of my English accent and do something that I love.”

Listen to an Ellene sample:

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