The Voice Industry

Are you an Aspiring Voice Talent? Then you may enjoy these articles about the industry, hand-picked by GM Voices’ CEO Marcus Graham!

King of Audio-Book Narrators Makes ‘Readers’ Swoon
by Rodney Ho, Wall Street Journal

Lines Down Cold, These Men of Timbre Will Sell Anybody
by John Harwood, Wall Street Journal

The Front Lines: Selling Golden Voices, An Entrepreneur Gets A Lesson in Technology
by Thomas Petzinger Jr., Wall Street Journal

Ordinary People Starring in Ads Convey Realistic, Genuine Feel
by Brian Steinberg, Wall Street Journal

Testing, Testing, 1, 2: If the Mike Isn’t Old, Streisand Won’t Sing
by Rick Wartzman, Wall Street Journal

Brand Voice
by Karen Post, Fast Company

The Siren Song of the Voice Over
by Byron Smith, B&T

A Voiceover by Any Other Name…
by Peter Drew

Don’t Be. Do.
by Peter Drew

The Future of Voice Overs
by Peter Drew

Getting the Best Performance from Voice Over Talent
by Peter Drew

Directing Voice Overs: Christina & the Animation Demo Part 1 | Part 2
by Peter Drew

How to Succeed as a Voiceover Artist in the Digital Age
by Gary Moore

4 Secrets to Voiceover Acting
by Jewel Elizabeth

Do You Have the Pipes to Become a Voice Over Star?
by Lisa Johnson Mandell

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