Your eLearning Cheat Sheet

Knowing the Answers Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Are you familiar with one of the most quoted phrases in the English language – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? What if we told you that wasn’t completely true?

With the addition of eLearning to companies’ training and development initiatives, businesses have found a way to educate their staff in a way that’s convenient, fast and cost-effective. It’s a great concept, but it needs to be executed well for it to have any impact, and that means packaging and presenting your content in a fun, engaging way. Uh-oh. Now what? Training material is dry and boring! What if we told you GM Voices could enhance or even create your presentations for you? That we could deliver your key concepts with a friendly, professional narrator, and add slice-of-life character dialogues, graphic animation and other dynamic visuals? Knowing that, you’re a little more interested. And rightfully so! Simply put, GM Voices makes eLearning materials more appealing and entertaining, so your team doesn’t mind watching, learning and improving on the job. We know how to liven any core curriculum, and add some levity, humor and eye candy, all without drawing attention away from the video’s purpose—enhancing productivity and improving service. Don’t toss everything you’ve been doing out the window, but embrace the idea of taking a new creative direction. Let us show you the potential of your eLearning presentations.

Watch the video to see how the proper eLearning tools can benefit your company.

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