We’re Not Storing This Secret in Our Back Pocket

Use Professional Voice Actors to Change the Way Your Business Tells a Story

Storytelling is an evolving art. It’s a method of communication that has a way of capturing peoples’ attention and appealing to any age or demographic. So, don’t you want to incorporate this time-tested craft into your next business presentation? Instead of showing the same old PowerPoint with a few mildly-engaging graphics, captivate your audience with a cool video, narrated presentation, or animation. Tell a better story!

GM Voices helps businesses tell their story more effectively with any combination of voice and visual media.

There’s a particular method if you want to tell a story with a voice. You can choose from our expansive roster of voices  (and still growing!) to find the voice actor who will best tell your story and convey the message with impact.

If you want to tell your story with visuals, too (like business animation, for example), that’s a possibility as well. GM Voices can create a relatable character for your audience and bring your story to life. Mixing humor with business content, it’s sure to make your company the talk of the town at the next conference!

The mention of storytelling may cause some people to raise their eyebrows, but they’re looking at it from the wrong perspective. While everyone else looks like they’re from one of the black-and-white scenes in the movie Pleasantville, you’ll add color to an event with your video. Show potential clients you’re willing to do things differently to produce the best. Go big or go home! Creativity pays off!

To find the type of storytelling that’s right for you, take a look at our all-inclusive storytelling products. No business wants to blend in with the crowd.

Watch the video below to see a few clips of some of the videos we’ve produced and imagine what we can do for you!

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