Waxing Nostalgic for the Operator: The Rise of the Auto Attendant

It means more time for your secretary to file paperwork.

Sometimes I long for the days when calling a business meant being greeted by a live operator. It could go one of two ways. You either spoke to the overly-caffeinated young secretary or the grizzled and jaded 20-year veteran. No middle ground.

What’s that, you say? You still have the same live operator you had in ’65? It’s time to get with the times. Let her retire gracefully.

An automated attendant system is the better option. Auto attendants quickly route calls to the appropriate party. Because it’s automation, you don’t have to worry about Linda going to the bathroom and missing a call.

When GM Voices handles auto attendant recordings, customers are greeted with a brand-consistent sound. Call us if you want to get an idea of how this works – 770.752.4500. (To sample our auto attendant, not to be sold.)

An auto attendant enhanced with our voices gives your business a very professional image at a critical customer touchpoint. The modern day front door is the phone; answer it in style.

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