VisionClips: The Sound of a More Compelling IVR Sales Pitch

GM Voices Shows You How to Step Up Your Demos and Presentations

As an IVR developer, you want to sell the best technology out there—yours, of course! But if you aren’t seeing the results you want, maybe it’s not because of your solution. Maybe it’s because your presentation of the technology doesn’t help prospects understand the true value of your offering. That’s where GM Voices comes in (read on!).

Are you recording your voice demos internally, maybe with an engineer or admin? Don’t! If you take a few minutes to listen to the IVR systems you’ve designed, you may notice a few issues. The recorded voice isn’t clear and you can hear mouth noise; the recording’s background noise is distracting and preventing you from hearing what the recording is saying. Bottom line: using a non-professional voice lowers the perceived value of your solution. You wouldn’t put four donut tires on a brand-new Lamborghini, would you? Same concept.

GM Voices enhances your IVR demos and walk-throughs with professionally-recorded VisionClips. We showcase your IVR functionality in the best possible light, helping your prospects visualize how much better it’ll handle caller contacts.

A VisionClip is a pre-recorded voice scenario, an ideal caller/IVR interaction. We can simulate DTMF or speech rec systems, and we include all the earcons, chimes, transfers, etc. to represent a true-life call flow. It helps your prospect look past the technical details and the contract to something more positive—the possibility of automating more calls and better serving the customer!

And the best part of all: VisionClips are often recorded free of charge for our platform development partners! Just let us know about your upcoming meeting or presentation!

Watch Marcus explain VisionClips in this short video.

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