Top 10 Reasons to Visit GM Voices at VoiceCon Orlando 2010

Weather, keynotes, haute couture and robots round out our list.
In a few short weeks, GM Voices is heading down to sunny Florida for VoiceCon. It’s amazing how the show is growing every year while others are experiencing massive shrinkage. If you’re in the telecom space, you owe it to yourself to attend. We have some free passes, so there’s no excuse not to stop by and see us.
If you need a little extra convincing, here are the top 10 reasons why you need to get with the

10. The signature GM Voices light-up pen. People go crazy for these things. Get yours for only a “hi” and a handshake.

9. Post-show golfing. Winter has been brutal, hasn’t it? Get a nice sock tan and shed the parka for a tasteful polo.

8. Post-show Harry Potter. But will it be opening in time for the show? Sure, VoiceCon itself will be magical, but you don’t put a limit on this stuff.

7. Breakout sessions that run the gamut. Seriously, if you want to “Unify Your Enterprise Communcations,” just bring a notepad, some biz cards and some granola bars and sponge up the knowledge.

6. The best in “green” fashion. There’s a reason why most people don’t wear green dress shirts: They can’t rock them like the GM Voices team. You can’t miss us in these things. Ask us for a personalized strut down the catwalk.

5. Keynote speakers! The real “Clash of the Titans” takes place a week and a half before the movie opens. Look of those telecom heavyweights. Inspiration to ensue.

4. GM Voices PersonaPod. Stop by our touchscreen and sample over 90 languages and dialects. We can localize your speech application for any market.

3. Visit us and be entered to win an HD Flip video camera. These things are great. After you win it, bring it to VoiceCon 2011 and go YouTube crazy.

2. Also, “Unify Your Brand.” Does the voice on your automated apps match your image in the marketplace (check out your advertising at every other touchpoint)? GM Voices can rehab your Voice Brand to bring it in line with your overall image.

1. NO MORE ROBOT VOICES. Can’t reveal much about this just yet, but stay tuned to our YouTube channel for details. The war goes on…

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