Time to Power Off Your Phone System’s Robot Voice

GM Voices’ Concatenation Expertise Will Take Your Customer Experience to New Heights

So, your business can’t afford the luxuries of a Fortune 500 company. We’re not talking about on-site gyms, weekly catered meals, and an obscene amount of vacation days (although that doesn’t hurt). We mean doing what it takes to keep your company on your customers’ radars—huge ad budgets, mega T&E accounts (hey, the Super Bowl’s right around the corner!), and billions in brand equity. So what? Delivering a great customer experience is still tops, no matter what your size or circumstance. And one of the things that contributes to that is your IVR or other automated voice applications. If your voice recording sounds like a robot instead of a person, that’s an issue but you’ll be happy to know problems like that are right up our alley.

Concatenation plays a role in many voice applications. These dynamically-assembled voice prompts—balances, dates, order information and more—help create a personalized interaction. Unfortunately, most dynamic voice files sound stilted, robotic and unnatural, as they’re recorded and concatenated out of context. With GM Voices’ specialized, in-context recording process, we ensure that your voice concatenation provides customers with a smooth, clear-sounding experience, not a jarring robot voice unbefitting your brand. You won’t hear a difference in your prerecorded voice prompts because we make it a priority to make sure they match in tone and intonation. After you work with us, your customers won’t have a reason to hang up.

So, maybe your company doesn’t have a Fortune 500 budget. With GM Voices, your Voice Brand and caller experience will have customers fooled. If your company wants to stand out, you need a partner by your side that knows what it takes to stand side by side with the big guys.

Check out this short video that explains GM Voices’ specialized recording process for concatenation, and give us a call to elevate your voice interactions today!

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