The Voice Actor vs. The Radio Announcer

The Battle for Believability Begins with Your Voice Brand

In the blue corner is the radio announcer guy. He’s got it all going for him. He’s effective, with a booming voice and great articulation. But… he doesn’t sound like a real person.
Who really speaks like that? No one.

 And in the red corner is the voice actor. The voice actor is unassuming, but more believable. He sounds like a regular person… only better. You can’t quite put a finger on it, but you know it when you hear it.

 There has been a philosophical shift in this Voice Branding battle. While that booming voice used to be everywhere, more businesses are gravitating to natural-sounding voice actors because they sound more believable telling their company’s story. Consumers can relate to people who sound like one of us, someone talking to you instead of at you. Your company probably spends lots of money and resources building its brand. So, wouldn’t it make sense for your automated voice to be consistent with that same image when customers call? These days, unless you’re in the monster truck rally business, there’s only one choice to complement your branding.

 It seems like everyone agrees with us these days; even the people at Chevrolet decided that radio announcers don’t do their business justice in their new commercial “It’s Chevy Truck Month.” Exactly how many ways can you say the phrase “It’s Chevy Truck Month?” Trust us… it’s a lot!  Watch the commercial and decide for yourself who sounds better and which voice you’d choose to represent your brand!

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