The Ultimate Voice Brand Quiz

Is your phone system a star? Take this quiz to find out.

Often when we host visitors at GM Voices studios, we give away goodie bags filled with assorted swag:

This is one quiz you can't afford to fail.

GM Voices folders, notebooks, pens and pads, mints, Voice Branding in America and promotional iPhones (kidding). We recently developed a new addition to our folders—a Voice Branding quiz that separates the customer experience champs from the customer experience chumps. It’s a fun, quick 10-question assessment of your current phone system.

It’s Hollywood-themed and hosted by CEO Marcus Graham’s Hollywood bigwig cousin, Bobby “Blockbuster” Graham. You may have heard of him. He’s bigger than Scorsese.*

Download the PDF here and let us know how you sound.

Is it time for an overhaul or a firm handshake?


*Bill Scorsese of Poughkeepsie, NY.**


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