The Reel-ity of Video Production and Possibilities for Your Business

SOCAP Georgia Event Explains the Benefits of Video Storytelling

With cats and aspiring musicians reigning supreme on YouTube, sometimes it seems like online video is only for goofy personal content. But if you look closely enough, you’ll see that that’s not the case at all. Your business can stop staring at video production from a “do not enter” angle because during your period of apprehension, other companies have jumped the fence. Video productions, any visual form of business storytelling, can advance your company in ways you may not have thought were possible. To prove that point, we hosted a unique event, “Using Video to Instruct, Train, Automate and Sell,” with SOCAP Georgia last week. If we’ve piqued your interest, read on to find out what the event encompassed.

Lora, Renee and Maggie having fun at the event.

Lora, Renee and Maggie having fun at the event.

To kick off the event, attendees were offered drinks and mouthwatering appetizers catered by Yahoola Creek Grill, and the opportunity to socialize and network. Then, we separated them into three groups so they could participate in the three learning sessions we had prepared. Each one served a unique purpose, but they all shared a general objective – to present the multiple avenues for using video for your business.

GM Voices’ President, Darrell Hensley, led a tour of the production facility where our talent records. Our CEO, Marcus Graham, gave a presentation where he discussed how video has carried over into the corporate world and why your business should take advantage of it. Brand Manager, Matt Strach, and on-camera talent, April, headed a live video workshop.

Each session allowed our guests to ask any questions they had regarding video production, but Matt’s session involved audience participation. Held in our green screen video room, this part of the event allowed guests to show off their acting skills by performing a famous movie monologue (with the help of a teleprompter). For those who chose to participate, April did a short business overview video for their company. They were also given a copy of their performance as a memento, and awarded a certificate of participation.

From the attendees’ reactions, we’re confident some of them discussed the implementation of video production with their co-workers. In fact, we have already heard from some of them and have brainstorming sessions in the works! We showed them the benefits in a presentation, gave them a tour, and allowed them to experience it in front of the camera and behind the scenes all in one night. We call that a win-win.

If you still want more, head over to our Facebook page to see pictures from the event and check out our website to watch some of our video demos.

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