The Many Varietals of English

Best for International Applications, Sometimes Neutral “American” English isn’t the Way to Go

English is the generally accepted international language of commerce. Outside of a country’s native language, English is almost always the top alternative for IVR voice prompts and marketing/business narration. But the approach should be considered carefully. GM Voices’ English deployment recommendation varies depending on the calling audience of the application.

For North American apps, we almost universally recommend a neutral, unaccented “Midwestern American” English voice. If you browse our Weekly Session voice actors on our voice library, you’ll notice that most everyone conforms to this standard. It’s the style least likely to offend someone’s sensibilities anywhere in the country.

But the American English style doesn’t work for non-U.S. applications, even with many English-language callers. To this end, GM Voices offers a great variety of international accented English dialects; some predictable, some surprising. Certainly, UK English is an important dialect in Europe, and GM Voices offers other accented English voices to best connect to English-as-a-first-language callers: Australian, Irish, even Canadian. Some others wouldn’t immediately come to mind, but do make sense; English in Indian, Singapore and Swiss accents. These countries have enough English-language callers to use that language on automation, but require a localized variation to better connect with callers.

It should be noted that GM Voices uses locally-authentic voice actors for every language and dialect, the exact opposite of what this young lady accomplishes all herself. Give this video a watch and note how different dialects would be essential for local caller acceptance.

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