Team Spotlight Series: Melanie St. Clair

Proving Creativity Counts at GM Voices

Hailing from Bowie, Maryland, Melanie St. Clair started at GM Voices in August 2010 as a Marketing Intern.  Fresh out of the University of Maryland with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and a minor in Computer Graphic Design, Melanie proved herself to be indispensable and was hired full-time in January 2011 as a Marketing Assistant. 

With visual branding being her forte, Melanie tackles all our major graphic design projects.  Producing engaging marketing pieces for online use, business resources, and tradeshow signage is just a small piece of what Melanie does for GM Voices. She also has a hand in creating presentations, syncing audio, as well as formatting and printing business collateral. What a busy lady!

“Working at GM Voices is like working on an art project everyday; I get to be creative and I never really feel like I’m working. It’s good times!” says Melanie.  In her free time, Melanie also enjoys being creative, listing some of her favorite hobbies as web designing, blogging, crafts and UK television programs. Melanie also cites herself as being a history nerd, and recently married her high school sweetheart last June. (Important note: Contrary to the picture, Melanie’s husband is not a zombie.)

 We’re glad she’s part of our team!

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