Subtitles Shouldn’t Require Additional Subtitles

Make Sure You Have the Proper Translation Tools

Voice narration. Subtitling. Voice dubbing. These words may not roll off your tongue, but the result can leave a sour taste in your customers’ mouths if they’re done incorrectly. It’s difficult to create videos that can be used in different language markets without the proper resources. Say you have a video in Spanish, but need it to be translated into English. Well, one wrong translation could ruin your message and we all know that’s no bueno.

If you’re aiming to have your business extend beyond a certain market (usually the U.S.), make sure it’s done properly. At GM Voices, you’ll receive what you need in a timely manner because we’re efficient, meticulous, and supported by a worldwide team of language and translation experts. You don’t want to record a video tutorial in one language and then have your audience struggling to follow along because the message got jumbled.

We understand cost is a factor, but that doesn’t mean you have to play the eenie meeny miny moe game when it comes to choosing quality or value. We offer both.

Watch our CEO Marcus Graham explain what differentiates our voice dubbing service from other companies.

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